June 16
6:30 PM start time

Markin Glen Park    Kalamazoo, MI

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The Kalamazoo Kids Triathlon is replacing our former Kids at Custer event.

Kids Triathlons, especially ours with age appropriate distances, offer a great opportunity to get kids excited about being outdoors, swimming in a natural setting, and learning about what they are truly capable of doing. The idea is get them out and moving and having a ton of fun along the way.  And if you are able to work in the practice as part of a family outing all the better. Consider an annual pass to the county park system and enjoy outdoor activities at all the parks.

This new site is a great spot for year ‘round family fun and multisport preparation.  Many adults use Markin Glen for multisport training with the combination of a nice waterfront area, a nearly one mile paved pathway around the lake, adjoining county roads, and the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail which runs alongside the east side of the park.

The KRVT offers miles and miles of paved biking around the Kalamazoo area. It also connects with the Kal Haven Trail which is a converted rail line with a cinder surface, running approximately 33 miles from the west side of Kalamazoo to South Haven.

Kalamazoo Kids Triathlon
 Course Distances

6-9 year olds

Swim 50 yards

Bike .6 miles

Run .25 miles

10-13 year olds

Swim 100 yards

Bike .85 miles

Run .4 miles

Spirit Racing LLC’s popular
Kids Get Active Triathlon
at Ramona Park, in Portage, MI,
is set this year for August 13.

Kids Triathlon Basics
(information file in .pdf format)

What a fun night.  Special thanks to our great volunteers who helped make a special night for all our athletes who came from around the state to tackle the courses at the Kalamazoo Kids Triathlon.  Results and photo files are now posted.